Meet Our Founding Partners.

Joli Mosier


“I am so thankful for our clients who have trusted us with their most important initiatives for more than 20 years. These business leaders understand that MosierMcCann consultants strive to enrich the organizations we work with by building strong connections and bringing innovative thinking to every initiative we engage in. Our consultants know that they need to get to a different level in order to solve a critical business problem and they have those unique skills to do it.”

Jordan McCann


“The MosierMcCann brand is focused on ensuring our firm and our consultants provide an experience to our clients that is uncompromising. We hire senior-level professionals that deeply identify with our values and the experience we expect to deliver. We’ve had clients call us to let us know, with pride, that they were hiring a new employee that was of “MosierMcCann caliber.” We’ve created a set of high standards for ourselves, and, in turn, our clients understand and appreciate the value that those provide in a complex business setting.”

Our culture is built on strong values.