09: What Type of Implementations?

Sharing real world examples answering one of the top questions we get asked about the work we do for clients.

08: Conquering 6 Key Interpersonal Challenges

A skillful approach is essential to engaging a variety of personalities and styles. Learn secrets to overcoming common interpersonal blockers.

07: Navigating the Land of Layoffs

Insights on how to navigate and focus on what matters to move you forward during times of change.

06: 3 Pitfalls to Avoid (Part 2)

Falling into a few common traps can derail even the best laid plan. Listen in for some key tips to smoother sailing.

05: 5 Traits of Highly Effective Implementation Experts (Part 1)

Can a trait be learned? You bet. Find out what makes an Implementation Expert effective and concrete tips for getting there.

04: Top 3 Mistakes We See Clients Make

Mistake-proof your search with these handy tips to avoid common pitfalls when seeking the Implementation Expert you need.

03: Top 5 Myths of Consulting

Curious about consulting as an Implementation Expert? It might be a little different than you think. Listen for the straight scoop.

02: The Four Quadrants

The market for people resources is organized in a distinct way. Learn how awareness of it is key to making the best-fit choice for your current needs and lifestyle goals.

01: What is an Implementation Expert?

Welcome to our first episode where we’ll introduce you to MosierMcCann and the unique, in-demand, Implementation Expert role we pioneered ~ Find out what it takes to become one.